Automotive Translation and 5 Subcategories

March 25, 2024
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Automotive Translation and 5 Subcategories
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Automotive translation has a special status in the translation world which plays an essential role in various stages of the design, production and sale of automobiles worldwide. From head offices to production and assembly centers to local showrooms, the world's leading automobile brands use different forms of automotive translation to keep business running.

Whether it is your extraordinary car design, driver luxury, precise steering or advanced suspension that distinguishes you from your competitors,ADH Translation professional translators will fully convey these features to the target audience. First-class translations are our passion.

In this article we will provide you with some detailed information on how our professional translation and project management services can help you expand and maintain your automotive brand’s market share. Let's take an in-depth look at the five types of automotive translation we mostly work with.

Why do you need professional automotive translation?

Why do you need professional automotive translation?

Just like any other industry, automotive companies need to be able to connect and interact with their target audiences to increase their sales and revenue. In this context, you can only achieve success by evaluating your target audience both locally and globally.

Introducing auto parts to your customers through professional translation means that your brand value will be accurately reflected in the translation content. In other words, by translating and localizing the content, you will speak the language of your target audience and make them feel like they are a part of your brand.

Even though automakers operate globally, they sell locally, which is why accurate translation is vital at every step, from owner's manuals to marketing. Let's take a closer look at the 5 types of automotive translation.

Technical manuals

Technical manuals

Some people assume that automotive translation is just about vehicle manuals, and to some extent they are right. Automotive translation and vehicle manuals are often paired. In fact, it is a global legal requirement for vehicle and automobile manufacturers product manual translations to provide and other safety-related information to users.

Training contents

Proper translation of training content They are very valuable for automotive companies as these contents familiarize mechanics with the systems they interact with and help them learn how to properly inspect and repair them. New products require new training materials. For example, the current increasing demand for hybrid and electric cars also leads to an increased demand for relevant instructive materials.

Original equipment manufacturers

Original equipment manufacturers

Most car enthusiasts can easily name more than ten automakers without hesitation. Car logos are everywhere. Advertisements are also published on billboards, on television, in cinemas, and on social media. However, these big brands we see everywhere do not manufacture all of the products they offer.

Automobile manufacturers often outsource auto spare parts such as spark plugs, shock absorbers, lights, batteries and brake pads from other manufacturers. Manufacturers of the spare parts are known as Original Equipment Manufacturers. All of these parts need user manuals and labels in many different languages. Therefore, it is vital that translations are consistent and perfect. This is exactly the point where a good translation service becomes indispensable for manufacturers.

Marketing translations

Content marketing has a very important role in the automotive industry. Consequently, translation of the content of marketing toolsit forms an important part of our customer service.

Translation service providers often offer marketing translations under a separate category. However, while marketing content translations require the same creative flair, automotive translation requires translators to use the correct terminology and have a clear knowledge of the relevant technology.

We offer marketing translation services for regular press releases, point-of-sale material content, Google Ads, YouTube videos and much ADH Translation.

Human-machine interface

Human-machine interface

Human Machine Interface, or HMI, is the interface between you and your vehicle which is considered one of the most complex one among the five types of automotive translation. HMI translations are used for features such as on-board satellite positioning systems, interactive audio systems, and telephone synchronization systems.

In the situation where you request for HMI translation services from ADH Translation, our language experts will ensure all aspects user-friendly, including voice commands to interact with your vehicle.

Trust ADH Translation to achieve your goals

Working with a professional translation service provider will provide you with you a solid strategic leverage against your competitors. However, in order to create added value that will leave a mark on your target audience, you need a translation service that includes expertise and offers an in-depth automotive translation experience, rather than a translation service that 'just' translates the language verbatim.

ADH Translation has been operating since 1994 with many years of translation experience. Thanks to our team of expert linguists, professional language services consultants, and experienced project managers, we can now offer our services in more than 100 languages. We can respond quickly to your business needs and produce high-quality translations that are optimally controlled for quality and accuracy.

We have had the opportunity to collaborate with many automotive companies over the years. Our teams have the organizational knowledge to meet the expert needs of this sector. We are aware of the significance of making translations absolutely accurate and error-free for the automotive industry.

We also guarantee confidentiality. Our teams are aware that some products are subject to unchangeable deadlines under the press ban and that all parties involved must comply with these deadlines. With a proven track record in the automobile industry, you can trust us with your confidential translations, whether press releases or manuals for a new vehicle.

ADH Translation, carries the knowledge, expertise and experience to meet all your translation needs. With our expert operations staff in Türkiye and access to a pool of over 2000 freelancers, our professional language services will help you take your business to the next level.