“First of all, I would like to thank you for the interest you have shown throughout our collaboration. We are quite satisfied with timely delivery of projects as well as well-handling of the projects assigned. I wish the best of success.”

“You never made us sorry in respect of time, which is the most precious thing for us. To the contrary, you made the fastest return to our e-mails with alternative methods. I am quite happy to collaborate with your company. Thank you for the good business system.”




ADH Translation is, though not on a continuous basis, a company which we have been collaborating with for many years. Each year thousands of translation agencies visit us to make contracts.
Our criterion is the same with any other company, which is to get quality job for the least cost.
I believe that the quality service offered by ADH Translation at a reasonable price and their strong relations with their customers are the two key factors underlying their long-lasting business success in the translation industry. As a matter of fact, only such companies may survive.




For us, ADH Translation is a company, providing quality and fast services at a reasonable price, with their testimonials and wide language coverage. Thanks.




Producing fast and right solutions in the field of translation and providing error-free and fast translations, we hope our business volume will increase and continue with ADH  Translation.




As part of a large project, we collaborated with ADH  Translation for a long time. From quoting to the project delivery, we achieved to complete the project smoothly, thanks to their professional approach and interest. We plan to work with ADH  Translation for future projects as well.  We hope they will continue their success, increasing customer satisfaction.




‘We have been cooperating with your company for a period of over 5 years.
All translation projects were delivered in a timely fashion in line with our requirements.
ADH  Translation is specialized in the translation and is one of the leading companies preferred for the industry we are operating.
We wish you success.



We were quite satisfied with the simultaneous translation services. In general, we are glad to cooperate with ADH Translation.



We are happy to cooperate with ADH Translation. We are confident to assign all our projects which require a professional approach. If you want to enjoy professional and quality services, sit back and rely on ADH Translation; the right choice is ADH Translation



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We have been cooperating with ADH Translation for a long time, standing as one of the leading companies in the translation industry. We would like to thank them for the quality services they provide.



ADH Translation is available in the Global Supplier List of our company thanks to their fast and quality service as well as competitive prices.



ADH Translation showed a real example of professional attitude with the timely delivery, familiarity with the local jargon, and quality translations, which makes ADH  Translation different from other companies; I hope they can maintain their quality standard. Thanks ADH Translation.



ADH Translation gains appreciation thanks to their well-disciplined and careful work, and quality jobs, even when the deadlines are quite tight. They make a real difference particularly in legal translations. We would like to thank the team for the successful projects we completed in collaboration with them.



Thank you for the support you provide to us for the management of the entire translation process (creation of terminology / jargon list; job follow-up, improvement etc.) in addition to standard technical translations as well as for self-sacrificing works.



A very successful company in respect of professional approach and customer satisfaction.



We are glad to cooperate with you thanks to your quick turnaround… timely delivery, sometimes even earlier than the deadline as well as translation quality.



Thank you for instant solutions and feedbacks in addressing problems, timely delivery and your smiling-face team.



We have been using ADH Translation for four years now and have always been impressed by their performance. They are very easy to do business with, produce high quality results at prices much lower than I would normally expect.

We have used them for our more technically challenging projects that have required much more than just translation capabilities. We will continue to use them as we are completely satisfied with them as a trusted translations supplier.