Our Quality Policy

As ADH Translation, we accept and undertake that:

  • We will be a credible and preferable company, which thoroughly fulfills the needs and expectations of its clients in all regards under the scope of translation in all languages and digital documentation services
  • We will closely follow and implement technological developments to reduce costs and increase profitability,
  • We will attach great importance to team work in order to enable everyone in the organization to get the most out of their skills and abilities, therefore enhance the level of quality and reinforce this awareness,
  • We will build up collaboration based on mutual trust with our external suppliers,
  • We will prevent any possible inconvenience by creating competitive, cost-effective, and accurate solutions in the fastest way possible,
  • Using the the latest technology, we will thoroughly and timely complete each project in full compliance with client requests, at the desired level of quality, and within limits of the assigned budget,
  • We will be a model organization that respects the society and the environment; we will constantly increase our business volume and contribute to the national economy,
  • We will share our objectives, progress, and problems in an efficient and reliable manner,
  • We will build up long lasting strategic business partnerships,
  • We will fulfill client requirements and pursue constant improvement activities,
  • After identifying possible risks and opportunities, we will take necessary measures and actions accordingly,
  • We will make customer satisfaction our ultimate goal,
  • We will meet all applicable conditions, legal requirements and requirements of the standards during our service period.


General Manager