Our Team

ADH Translation

Ahmet Karaçöl – Founder
Born in 1965, Ahmet Karaçöl undoubtedly played the most important role in the success of the company. He founded Esentepe Tercüme (Esentepe Translation) in 1990, and later the company was re-named ADH Translation, which now serves as one of the leading companies of the industry.

Sibel Atik Akansu – General Manager
Born in 1977, Sibel Atik Akansu has been a part of ADH Translation since 1994. She started her career in ADH and served as a Project Manager in all departments. She was appointed as the General Manager of the company in 2004, and she was then appointed as the Chairman of the Board in 2008. She is married and mother to two girls.

Kıvılcım Parmak – Operations Manager
Graduated from Boğaziçi University – the Department of English Language and Literature in 2004, Kıvılcım Parmak completed the 1st year of her university education in Keio University,  Japan. She started to work in our company as an editor in 2005, and then continued to serve as Project Coordinator and Project Manager. She has been serving as Operations Manager since 2011.

Yasemin Gülcük – Accounting Supervisor
Graduated from Selçuk University – Accounting Department, Yasemin Gülcük has been serving as the Accounting Supervisor since 2006. Her powerful relationship with customers in respect of invoices and with translators for payments has been playing a significant role in our connection with our customers and translators.

Dilan Polat – Project Manager
Having started her career as a Project Assistant in 2014, Dilan Polat has made a positive difference for ADH, thanks to her open-mindedness and extensive interest in project management. Polat was promoted to Project Manager position in 2016 as a reward for her advanced communication skills and solution-oriented approach.

Ender Ünal – Technical Translator and Editor

Working with us since 2016, Ender Ünalhas been providing professional services including technical translation, redaction and editing, with his experience dating back to 2004. Ender Ünal evaluates completed translations in relation to their specific field and context, and corrects them accordingly whilst updating the relevant translation memories. Besides his editorial role, he also plays an important role by serving as a technical consultant for our providers, bringing our firm’s quality of technical translation to even greater heights and making sure it stays at peak capacity.

Barış Ögel – Digital Media

Digital media plays an enormously important role in today’s world, both professional and privately. Barış Ögel has been a digital media specialist since 2011 in a variety of fields and his talents include but are not limited to; social media management, search engine optimization, software and graphic design. He has been a part of our team and has been ensuring our presence in digital media since March 2017.

Pınar Şimşek – Project Manager

Born in 1991, Pınar Şimşek graduated from Istanbul Aydın University- Translation in Russian in 2016. She has provided services professionally in various fields of translation sector since 2012. She has been working in our company as a Project Assistant since March 2018. Thanks to her sector experience and her interest in translation technologies, Pınar Şimşek has performed a very successful management in the projects she handled. Her contributions have strengthened our team.

Aysu Kösedağı Çam – Project Manager

Aysu Kösedağı was born in Istanbul in 1993 and graduated from Yeditepe University- Radio, Television, and Cinema in 2017. Previously, she had various work experiences in TV sector. She has been working in our company as a Project Manager since February 2018. Thanks to her communicational skills, determination and diligence, Aysu Kösedağı has got used to our busy pace in a short time and uplifted our operational team with her energy.

Elif Kırıtoğlu – Project Manager


Elif Ezgi Güner – Project Assistant

Born in 1990, Elif Ezgi Güner graduated from Anadolu University- the Department of Art History in 2014. She has been working in our company as a Project Assistant since April 2018. Thanks to her competence in foreign languages, aptitude for information technologies and her communicational skills, Ezgi Güner has got used to our company in a short time. She has made a difference in supporting our projects with detailed workflows and therefore has gained an important role in our team.

Eda Gümüştekin – Graphic Designer

Eda Gümüştekin is a desktop publishing (DTP) professional, working in the field since 2010 and she has been working with us since May 2017. She has used her expertise and abilities for us in an exceptional and thorough manner ever since. Her roles are to prepare pre-translation (source) files for translation, make sure our completed translations follow the source files’ format and page layout exactly, and prepare it for printing if necessary.

Özlem Karakulak – Graphic Designer
Having become a part of our team as a Graphic Designer in 2012, she has made significant contributions to our company in the field of design, thanks to her ability to use various types of design software as well as her experience in this field.

Nur Aba – Sales Representative

Working in the financial, sales and marketing fields since 1994, Fatma Nur Aba has been in our team since September 2016. Using her extensively accumulated career experience, she has successfully transferred her banking-finance sales talent into the translation industry and has provided us with many new clients from multiple industries in a short span of time. With her efforts in following the operational process and customer satisfaction, Nur Aba continues to make a difference.

Emine Çınar – Accounting Assistant
Emine Çınar, a committed hard-worker and a true go-getter who has graduated from the Department of Accounting – Trakya University, has been an indispensable member of our Accounting Department since 2011.

Nihal Şen – Executive Assistant


İlker Ulutaş – Office Services
İlker Ulutaş, who has been working for ADH for nearly 20 years, supports us in a great deal of fields, particularly including logistic matters, both inside and outside the office.